Alberta country and folk musician Matt Masters has a 19-year history of performance across Calgary and around the world.

He leads his own band, The Ladies & Gentlemen of the Rodeo, and he's a member of Barney Bentall's Cariboo Express. A veteran of over 1400 performances, Matt has played internationally (Europe, US, Mexico, Middle East) as well as at many of the major western Canadian music festivals (Calgary Folk Fest, Calgary Stampede, Big Valley Jamboree, Vancouver Island Folk Music Festival)

Matt is soon to be releasing his 6th album, Everybody Loves A Winner. Recorded at the Rebeltone Ranch Studio in Lethbridge Alberta by Leeroy Stagger, Everybody Loves A Winner sees Matt embracing a more soulful sound. The album features Matt singing duets with a pair of JUNO winners. Matt teams up with Jill Barber to recreate an Ian & Sylvia classic, Someday Soon, and he also saddles up alongside longtime musical collaborator Barney Bentall to cover a classic from the silver screen, My Rifle My Pony and Me.

Along with his own music work, Matt is a weekday DJ on the CKUA Radio network. He broadcasts into over 40,000 homes five times a week with a unique cross section of sounds and genres.

Off stage, Matt has spent over 20 years behind the scenes of the Western Canadian Music industry as a festival founder and producer, a music venue booking agent, a fund raiser and a music educator.  He was hired by the City of Calgary to help re-write the busking By-Law. He's been a featured speaker at international Music City conferences (Memphis, Melbourne, Vancouver, Toronto.) Matt has also worked as a playwright and performance artist with featured exhibits at C-Space in Calgary (2017), S.T.E.W. Gallery London UK (2009), Nuit Blanche Toronto (2008), and the Biennale de Montreal (2007).

Along with being a band member, Matt is also the executive producer of an annual fund raising concert in Calgary that features Barney Bentall and the Cariboo Express.  Since 2015 Matt has produced six events and the event has raised more that half a million dollars for local charities.

Matt leads a Jane's Walk in his old inner city Calgary neighbourhood and he and his wife Amanda have three young kids.



Matt Masters

Centennial Swell

By Travis Richey

Published Feb 14, 2007

He’s not a cowboy, just a country and western singer who plays it in a good, old way. This is Matt Masters’ first album. Drawing from the honky-tonk and outlaw books of sound, Masters calls out across the prairies to the echoes of Ian Tyson with this solid collection of Western Canadian originals. Having lived and learned all across this country, Masters has filled his twin saddle bags with experience and success. He’s drummed for the Dudes of Calgary and strummed alongside luminaries like Jeff Healey and Blue Rodeo. Masters broke out on the open road with the Gentlemen of the Rodeo, his kith and kin last year. Having won songwriter awards and been honoured by politicians, he’s become a fine example of what this nation’s mid-west is capable of. Masters is a multiple talent, one unfazed by gunfire and as steady on his feet atop an Albertan oil slick as he is amongst the city slickers of Toronto. Swelling with a hundred stories you won’t mind listening to, Masters is one to gather ’round. (Dollartone)        

Matt Masters Returns with 'All-Western Winners'

By Gregory Adams

Published Jun 03, 2011

After travelling the world over with his classic country and western tunes, Matt Masters (aka the Albertan Reporter) is back with a new album. Since 2007's Centennial Swell, a record we said drew from "the honky-tonk and outlaw books of sound," the satin-shirted, Smithbilt-sporting singer has nabbed some gigs singing at Calgary Flames home games and taken his Prairie-indebted tunes as far as Mexico and the Arabian Desert. Back at home, for the time being, the man is ready to release his next set of homegrown honky-tonkers, All-Western Winners.

A press release describes the collection as "the blueprint for what is coming in Canadian country music," adding that it's "grabbed the sounds of the prairie by their roots and used the future as a fertilizer to grow a crop of Canadian songs that will serve to feed a generation."

While eight of the cuts on the collection take traditional cowboy songs into the 21st century, Masters tips his ten-gallon hat to the past via covers of Ray Wylie Hubbard's "Snake Farm" and Marty Robbins's "Don't Worry 'bout Me." You can download dusty first single "Highways" here.

All-Western Winners will be released by Saved By Radio on July 1. You can catch the country singer crooning the new cuts on a number of upcoming dates.